Thursday, March 22, 2012

Flurry: China's surpassed US in iOS and Android activations, but not smartphone install base (yet)

Color us unsurprised at the notion that the world's most populous country would one day be home to the greatest number of smartphones. That hasn't happened quite yet, but we're getting close per analytics firm, Flurry, who's measured China's surpassed the United States in combined iOS and Android activations. That's a predictable upset from the beginning of 2011, when China held the 10th spot in the firm's rankings, before rising to an impressive second place by the end of that calendar year. And as you'd expect with growth trending in China's favor, it's now only a matter of when, not if, before it snatches the install-base crown from the current smartphone king, the US of A. But before jostling amongst yourselves on exactly when that'll happen, we'd recommend hitting that source link for a chart-filled run-down. Go on, it's fun for the whole family.

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Source From Engadget

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