Monday, March 12, 2012

Australia offers condolences to Afghans

SYDNEY: Australia on Monday offered condolences to Afghanistan and its President Hamid Karzai over a shooting rampage by a rogue US soldier but said it would not deter Canberra from its role in the country.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard said it was too early to speculate on what had triggered the pre-dawn killing spree on a village in Kandahar that left 16 Afghans, including women and children, dead.

"But we do know that a large number of Afghan families are grieving today, so on behalf of all Australians, I offer my condolences," Gillard told reporters.

Australia has had a long and close involvement with US troops in Afghanistan, where Canberra now has some 1,550 soldiers stationed.

Gillard said the latest incident, which comes after the burning of Korans at a US base in Afghanistan that sparked days of violent protests, would not deter Australia from its task of training Afghan National Army soldiers in Uruzgan.

"Our mission in Afghanistan is clear and our commitment to it remains firm," she said.

"Of course, an incident like this is a truly distressing one but it is not going to distract us from our purpose in Afghanistan.

"We know what we're there to do."

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Source From Channel News Asia

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